28 day fitness & weight loss challenge

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"Give me 30 days and I'll give you the coaching, motivation and training to upgrade your body, your fitness and help you transform your life...

…even if you have tried everything and nothing worked

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Join Jack and the Boxerciselincoln team on this new and exclusive 30 day fitness challenge

Here's what's involved:

We'll work for 28 days together on your fitness, weight loss and upgrade your motivation

so you can maintain hitting your fitness and weight goals into the future 


        ➡️ How to use the secret of portion control to help you avoid yo-yo diets & cutting out your favourite foods

               We will support you to achieve (your weight loss goals) 

        ➡️ The best boxing based fitness classes available to help you smash your cardio.

               Improve your activity levels & take on new lease of life with your friends and family (32 classes available)



        ➡️ How to quickly “cancel out" the negative emotions that have held you back in the past

               with our live video motivation coaching every week (Can't make it ? you will get a recording)

        ➡️ Everything you need to get yourself back into shape and crushing life for you & your family.

              Full support throughout the 30 days from the team and the coach. We set everything up for you so you can                             concentrate on hitting your goals...

 28 day coaching program includes... 

✔️40 Classes available to attend:

  • Boxercise - Cardio fitness/core/abs

  • Circuits - Strength fitness/core/abs

  • Bootcamps - Endurance fitness/core/abs

✔️ 28 day progress report including:

  • F

    itness progress challenges

  • Start/finish Photo transformation

  • Start/finish Weight check

Activity log accountability

✔️Motivation video coaching each week

✔️Portion control guide

✔️ Full Support From The Coaches




Class Timetable

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