Boxing awards 

We run our boxing awards alongside our family class


Welcome to the Boxing Awards, these awards are designed as a fun recreational programme for all participants at all levels, ages and abilities.

The Boxing Award scheme is open to everyone from the age of five years. The Awards are progressive, which means you will pass each award in the following order before you go on to the next:



Non contact - Preliminary Award  Standard Award Bronze Award



Semi Contact - Silver Award Gold Award Platinum Award


Each non contact award is taught by a boxing awards tutor with the last session being the assessment.

The Non Contact Awards may be delivered by a qualified Boxing Tutors in schools, youth clubs, colleges, universities and community clubs. The first award (preliminary) is designed at grass roots level promoting a healthy lifestyle, fitness, weight control also contributing to increased self esteem and confidence. There is no contact involved in half of the recreational boxing awards and therefore there is no need for a participant to have a boxing medical (ME3). However, once you have progressed to silver, gold and platinum award you will be required to have a boxing medical and all sparring must be conducted by an ABA qualified boxing coach.

The preliminarystandardbronzesilvergold and platinum awards ensure everybody benefits from the skills and disciplines involved in amateur boxing as well as keeping fit and having fun.